1993-05-03 - Milano, IT
Radio Popolare
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1993-05-03 - Milano, IT - Radio Popolare studio - fm (10m)
Franco Fabbri, Umberto Fiori, Tommaso Leddi, Salvatore Garau, Pino Martini, Carlo De Martini

1) Stalingrado (6:36)
La Fabbrica (4:14) *

* Some light statics; hard to tell if they're radio statics or diginoise.

Source: MC second generaion > Denon MC DRW-850 > Sony DAT ZA5ES > Pioneer CDr PDR-05 > flac VU Audio Converter (level 8).
[Stormy Six - Milano, Radio Popolare 1993-05-03] Flac set shared as torrent on Dime (unsigned info).
No SBE's - TLH analysis - fingerprints
"In 1993, ten years after the group had disbanded, Stormy Six were convinced by a music producer to regroup for a one-off event, a single concert, to take place on 10th May 1993 in Milan. As part of the promotional campaign before the concert, Stormy Six were interviewed at a historical independent radio, Radio Popolare, in Milan a few days before the concert date. They played live in the radio studio two of their 'acoustic' songs, from the Un Biglietto del Tram LP".

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