2011-07-09 - Torino, IT
Traffic Festival
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2011-07-09 - Torino, IT - Piazza San Carlo - aud (24m)
Franz Di Cioccio, Patrick Djivas, Franco Mussida, Lucio Fabbri + Roberto Gualdi, Alessandro Scaglione

1) introduction by Franz Di Cioccio (1:21) *
2) River Of Life (8:41) **
Photos Of Ghosts (7:00)
Harlequin (7:18)

* "Grazie Torino...grazie Traffic...".
** "Ciao a tutti quelli che si sono rifugiati sotto i portici, siete con noi lo stesso...e un grazie a tutti quelli che sono qui che se la sono prendono tutta".

Source: Lineage: unknown equipment (though he mentioned he used external microphones) -> wav -> flac (normalized, tracked).
Original audience recording taped and transferred by Enrico.
[PFM - Piazza San Carlo, Torino, 9 July 2011] Flac set shared as torrent on Dime by JacoZappa.

TLH analysis - fingerprints
"As promised, here it is, PFM (or Premiata Forneria Marconi)'s short set at Torino's last year Traffic Festival. Why so short? Rain. But contrary to what The Beatles may have sung, we certainly did mind, as it interrupted the set and cancelled the rest of the night...".

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