1975-??-?? - London, UK
BBC -"In Concert"
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1975-??-?? - London, IT - New Paris Theatre - sbd (55m)
Franz Di Cioccio, Franco Mussida, Mauro Pagani, Flavio Premoli, Patrick Djivas

1) Celebration (7:34) *
Four Holes In The Ground (7:26) **
LaCarrozza Di Hans > drum solo > Impressioni Di Settembre (12:42) ***
Dove...Quando - band intro - Mr. 9 'Till 5 > Alta Loma 5 'Till 9 > violin solo / William Tell Overture (27:22) $

* "Welcome to this week's In Concert this is Pete Drummond at the Paris Lower Regent Street in the heart of the West End of London and I should say buona sera".
** Skips 2:04 to 2:24. "Four Holes In The Ground, that's on the second album from PFM The World Became The World, might notice a slight sort of greek influence".
*** "First album which was released only in Italy, we couldn't get it over here but it is rereleased on the current live album PFM Cook and it's called Dove Quando".
$ Band intro: Flavio Premoli, Franco Mussida, Mauro Pagani, Patrick Djivas Franz Di Cioccio.

Source: no lineage, eac log suggests this should be ripped from a cd or cdr.
[P.F.M. - BBC Paris Theatre 1975 - 1975] MP3 set shared as download on a Smuggled Sounds blog.
Show listed on Etree database.
Stereo soundboard recording.

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