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"LDB Special Series #99" (You Play The Guitar On The MTV)
1974-08-?? - Los Angeles, CA - ABC TV - "ABC In Concert" - U.S. Tour - tv (15m) +
Franz Di Cioccio, Patrick Djivas, Franco Mussida, Mauro Pagani, Flavio Premoli
1978-07-?? - RAI TV Rete 2 - "L'Altra Domenica" - Passpart¨ Tour  - tv (7m)
Franz Di Cioccio, Patrick Djivas, Franco Mussida, Flavio Premoli, Bernardo Lanzetti + Roberto Colombo, Roberto Haliffi

1974-08-?? - "ABC In Concert" - U.S. Tour - ABC TV:
1) Celebration (5:22) *
William Tell Overture (2:56)
Four Holes In The Ground (7:41) **
1978-07-?? - "L'Altra Domenica" - RAI TV:
4) Svita La Vita (3:44) ***
Viene Il Santo (4:41)

* TV host: "Hi, welcome to In Concert". PFM: "We want to play what Los Angeles is all about for us...Celebration". Funiculý FuniculÓ quoted.
** [Cuts in on intro].
*** Renzo Arbore: "La PFM in Svita La Vita".

Source: TV broadcast > n generation tape > Aiwa Tape Deck AD-WX828 > Audigy Soundblaster > HD > SoundForge 7.0 > CD Wave > FLAC Frontend (level 6).
[PFM 1974-1978] Flac set shared as torrent on Dime by ldb.
TLH analysis - fingerprints
"ABC In Concert" broadcast listed on PFM website.
"These two short bits are 4 years distant, but you can hear how different the band was in the two shows. The first one was from their second tour in the US, in the full synphonic rock vein while the second bit was from the Passpart¨ tour in 1978, featuring Bernardo Lanzetti, singing in italian for the first".

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