1997-04-?? - Roma, IT
RAI Radio 2 - Stereonotte - "Superprogressive"
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1997-04-?? - Roma, IT - Studi RAI Via Asiago - fm (114m) (2cd)
Maurizio Becker (host), Pino Massara, Juri Camisasca, Franco Battiato, Velia Mantegazza, Piergiuseppe Caporale

Disc 1:

1) Part 1 (chat with record bits, phone interviews and Juri Camisasca's "Scavando Col Badile" live) (73:22) *

Disc 2:

2) Part 2 (chat with record bits) (41:36) **

* [Tape flip at 46:25 during "Meccanica" (relesed version from Battiato "Fetus"].
** [Tape flip at 20:08 during "Prehistoric Sound" (relesed version from Osage Tribe's "Arrow Head"].

Source: 2nd gen tape played on Kenwood KXF-W1010 deck (no dolby) > wav (Magix Audiocleanic) > flac.
[Superprogressive - Bla Bla - RAI Radio 2 - 1997] Flac set shared as torrent on Dime in 2005 by Maclen.
No SBE's - TLH analysis - fingerprints
"This long radio special focuses on the history of the legendary Italian label Bla-Bla. Pino Massara, founder, producer and performer talks about the artists who teamed up to create a new sound. The main character and leading artist was Franco Battiato who pioneered with his experiments on the VCS3".

Broadcast mentioned on EQUIPEeCO website as part of a review of Battiato's Fetus album (offline now).

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