1978-09-15 - Verona, IT
La Carovana Del Mediterraneo
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1978-09-15 - Verona, IT - Arena - aud (36m)
Francesco Di Giacomo, Vittorio Nocenzi, Gianni Nocenzi, Rodolfo Maltese, Pierluigi Calderoni,
Gianni Colajacomo + Angelo Branduardi

1) Si Dice Che I Delfini Parlino (5:07) *
2) La Conquista Della Posizione Eretta (9:24)
3) 750000 Anni Fa...L'Amore (con Angelo Branduardi) (4:09)
4) Non Mi Rompete (6:58) **
5) Il Ragno (10:27) ***

* Member of the audience near taper: "Gianni Nocenzi alle tastiere (...) il Banco!".
** [Cuts at 0:02 and at 0:26].
*** [Cut at end].

Source: traded flac set on data dvd > wav (Flac frontend) > normalized, retracked, SBE's fixed > flac.
[Banco - 1978-09-15 - Verona, IT - Arena] Flac set shared as torrent on Dime by Maclen.
No SBE's - TLH analysis - fingerprints
Show listed on Wiki.
Notes list Angelo Branduardi on track 3 but violin can be heard on other tracks, most likely played by Branduardi.
A few tracks from Branduardi's set were released on his live Concerto box.

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