1977-06-?? - Pieve Emanuele (Milano), IT
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1977-06-?? - Pieve Emanuele (Milano), IT - unknown venue - aud (23m)
Demetrio Stratos (with tapes)

1) ? (8:42) *
2) intro a O Tzitziras O Miziras (2:36)
3) O Tzitziras O Miziras (3:23)
intro a Segmenti (1:50) **
Segmenti (6:42)

* Stratos performs over a pre-recorded tape of Patrizo Fariselli's "46 Re-blocks" (released on his "Antropofagia" lp).
** "Questo prossimo brano che si chiama Segmenti e' un brano da un...da un disco uscito un anno e mezzo fa che si chiama Metrodora piu' altre cose nuove".

Source: Unknown cass>Peak>Xact>flac.
[DStratos1977-06-xx] Flac set shared as torrent on Dime in 2006 (unsigned info).
No SBE's - TLH analysis
"This is a solo performance with possibly tape accompaniment
(There is some backwards piano in addition to he sounds Stratos makes with his mouth)
I have no other info other than to say the sound is excellent, and this is weird stuff, so be forwarned.".

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